Agency: D8 & JKR (Tennent's Export)

Tennent Caledonian is Scotland's largest and most famous brewing company. Brewing has taken place on their Wellpark site in Glasgow since 1556 and at the centre of their portfolio of brands lies Tennent's – a name deeply ingrained in Scottish culture since it was established in 1885.

I have worked on a number of Tennent Caledonian projects, with the relationship starting through JKR in London on their Original Export Lager, where I designed an updated version of their famous 'red T' for use on all packaging.

The relationship has continued through D8 who now service the vast majority of Tennent Caledonian's design requirements, and I have been involved in a variety of projects, including POS, core range, limited edition packaging design and illustration, as well as a logo refresh for the Tennent Caledonian 'Lion' logo itself and other portfolio brands such as Magners.