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Milltag x Steven Bonner cycling jersey

For those of you into cycling, if you need a new jersey when you're out riding anytime soon, you might want to consider the new shirt I designed for Milltag.

'Last Place' is inspired by the Giro d'Italia which used to give a black jersey to the slowest rider back in the forties. I found that idea strikes a chord with me as I don't ride to race and do it purely for enjoyment – I couldn't care about my times or speed, I just want to enjoy the ride, so last place for me means I get to spend more time having fun if that makes sense! Plus, black jerseys are very cool.

Although I've designed plenty of tshirt graphic over the years, the jersey was my first chance to play with a cut-and-sew garment from the ground up. It was a lot of fun being able to consider everything from the side panels and sleeves, to the collar tips and even inside the back pockets.

Available to buy at Milltag.

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