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I should have listened at school

I’ve been writing out the answers to a couple of magazine interviews this week.

I really don’t mind doing them at all – in fact I’m actually very grateful when someone asks me for my thoughts on something. It’s a bit of a compliment that someone out there thinks my opinion is worth a damn – and the publicity never hurts either.

However, they do serve as a reminder to me that I should’ve listened a bit more at school. Where is it appropriate to use semi-colons? How many times can I get away with using the same word in a paragraph? Why are my fingers so clearly dyslexic? That sort of thing.

They are a great way of forcing your thoughts onto paper though. If no one ever asks you about your opinion on what design trends are this year (and do I care?), or whether you think clients are receptive to startups, would you ever really sit down and formulate your definitive opinion on the matter? Or would you merrily go along and just get on with work? I find they are a good way to focus on where I see my own business going; a way to break everything down in my head and channel all the random crap into some sort of plan for the future.

Just don’t tell the grammar police.

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